Happy eyes in 5 minutes a day

Play your way to better eyesight and happier eyes

Play your way to happy, healthy eyes

Happy eyes in 5 minutes a day is a self-study course for parents and educators, who are concerned about children's eyesight.  As more and more children complain about blurry vision, itchy eyes or headaches, we ask ourselves how we can step in before a problem occurs, or at the early stages to prevent or reduce eye strain.  Luckily, seeing habits are really intuitive and easy to understand. They can be integrated into games and fun.
And... talk about easy! This course was designed with YOU in mind. I know you are busy and would like to spend your precious time playing with your kids. In this course, investing literally no time (oh, ok, 5 minutes), you will gain understanding and will be able to recognize beneficial conditions for eye health, and get to know what the eyes need to see well, and be well.
  • 5 minutes or less of daily audio, with a tip and a game for your eyes, spend the rest of your time playing. 
  • No video to watch, so you can learn on the move, while you drive or prepare a snack. 
  • 15 easy and clear tips and game examples. 
  • 3 week course - not too long, not too short - With access to the audios for 1 year.  
  • You´ll be surprised how much you will know about eyesight and care for kids by the end of 3 weeks. 

Course Curriculum

Orit Kruglanski

Visual educator and author of I see clearly, natural vision improvement for kids (or kids at heart). 
Since I improved my own eyesight from -8.5 diopters to life with no-glasses, I have been sharing the joy of eyesight improvement with children and grown-ups a like. I teach groups and one-on-one, in Spanish and English. My moto is... play your way to better eyesight.  

Course Pricing

Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Fun, Short and to the point.
I loved the fact I didn´t have to look at videos. I learned so much. Thank you!!

Carla P.
Fashion designer